"When I was a little girl I loved basketball. I carried my basketball to school, spent hours every day at the park, working on my shooting, committed myself to a daily ball handling routine I  did in the garage (while listening to Whitney Houston), and even slept with my basketball some nights. It was, to say the very least, my passion. The summer before 8th grade my parents made the decision to allow me to go to basketball camp in Mount Pocono Pennsylvania, and that one week changed my life. It was a place where I was surrounded by other girls who loved basketball, where  we could learn new and interesting things about the game that brought us all together, and where I met my first college basketball players, who opened my eyes to the possibilities that basketball had to offer me down the road, if I worked hard enough. That camp gave me direction, it gave me purpose, and it was the first of many sports camps that would enrich my life as a woman and as an athlete. That is why I run camps now, because I want to give girls a chance to become a part of something bigger than them, to discover that wonderful passion for a sport that can enrich their lives forever. I will always be a basketball player, because basketball is in my heart, and I have basketball to thank for lacrosse, as it was a teammate on my basketball team in college that suggested I give lacrosse a try. Once I did, I was hooked. and I am a firm believer that once your kids try lacrosse, they will be hooked too. And lacrosse camp is the perfect place to get the ball rolling. Give us the chance and maybe our camp can be for you what that Pocono Mountain basketball camp was for me,  life changing!"

                                                                                                                                                                                                    Coach Kate Brennan